Most popular online payment method in the Netherlands

Pay online with iDEAL via PAY.

When offering iDEAL via PAY. as a payment method in your webshop, you give your customers the opportunity to pay safely and quickly through their own trusted banking environment. The convenience, the familiar image of iDEAL and the speed make this payment method extremely popular among consumers. Due to the low costs per transaction, the online payment method is also very attractive for entrepreneurs. That is why a webshop with iDEAL is guaranteed to lead to conversion!

Payment method iDEAL in your webshop

In The Netherlands, iDEAL has been the most popular online payment method for online shoppers and in physical shops for years. This online SEPA payment is processed immediately and, unlike credit card payments, it is always guaranteed when your customers pay with iDEAL in your (web)shop. In addition, your customers can immediately find the debited amount on their statement when they pay with iDEAL as a payment method.

PAY. is an acquirer of iDEAL

A webshop with iDEAL gives your customers the opportunity to pay quickly and securely. Via PAY. paying with iDEAL is even faster: since February 15th, 2018, PAY. has acquired its own iDEAL acquirer license. Having an acquirer license makes us less dependent on third parties. It also leads to a more stable online payment system and a quicker processing time when it comes to iDEAL payments.

Icon payment method iDEAL

Try iDEAL for free

To introduce you to our online payment system and payment options, we offer the free Pioneer package (S). With this package (and without monthly costs) you can use all our payment methods for your webshop, including the iDEAL payment method.

Are you receiving more orders and are you satisfied with PAY.'s services? In that case, you can always upgrade your package to get access to even more payment methods and options, and sharper rates for your webshop.

A webshop with iDEAL

With the standard webshop plugins you can easily and quickly link iDEAL to your webshop. After downloading, install the plugin on your server to get started with the installation. After this step, you will be able to add all desired payment methods to your webshop in the PAY. Admin Panel. Activating iDEAL in your webshop is really that easy!

When your customer opts to pay via iDEAL and has selected their bank, our system will direct them to their own bank’s payment screen. The customer completes the payment by following the standard internet banking steps. Completed (and failed) payments are added to the management system, so you can quickly proceed with the delivery of the ordered products or services, if appropriate.

Supported by every Dutch bank

iDEAL is supported by all Dutch banks as a payment method. This means that your customer can always use this online payment method in your webshop and pay directly online for their purchase. iDEAL is available for all merchants, starting from our free Pioneer package (S)!

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The benefits of iDEAL at a glance
  • The payment is 100% guaranteed
  • Favourable rates per transaction
  • Trusted and popular
  • Direct insight into payments
  • Both for corporate and consumers
  • Refund in your webshop with one click
  • Pay even faster via the app
  • You can also pay for desktop purchases with a QR-code

iDEAL availability

xs Pioneer Full service
xs Professional Full service
xs Business Full service
xs Corporate Full service


The iDEAL payment option is being used in the Netherlands
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