The most popular Belgian payment method with over 15 million cardholders

What is Bancontact?

Bancontact is a Belgian payment method that enables your Belgian customers to pay through their own trusted banking environment. Paying with this payment method is comparable to the Dutch equivalent that is called iDEAL. Bancontact is very popular in Belgium and therefore very suitable for entrepreneurs who focus on the Belgian consumer market!

The advantages of Bancontact as a payment method in your webshop

With Bancontact, your Belgian customers pay directly online through their own trusted banking environment. The payment method is a standard application on payment cards issued by Belgian banks when opening an account. As a result, this Belgian payment method has more than 15 million cardholders, 90% of which are suitable for online use. Ideal if you want to offer your products or services in Belgium!

PAY. is Bancontact acquirer, processor and collector

PAY. has acquired the Bancontact acquirer license on January 1st,2018. This means that PAY. processes Bancontact transactions without the intervention of third parties, which ensures faster payment processing and a more reliable payment platform. PAY. also offers functionalities such as dynamic QR codes and payment links via the PAY. app to make accepting Bancontact payments as easy as possible for the merchant.

How does Bancontact work?

Making a payment via Bancontact is a child's play. With the help of the card number and the expiry date on the payment card your customers can easily make a payment. Via the so-called 'digipas' customers approve Bancontact payments via their own banking environment. The payment is successful when these steps have been completed. The status in the Admin Panel will then be set to 'PAID'. This also means that you can immediately send out the ordered products.

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Install Bancontact easily with our plugins

You can choose from a large number of systems for the development and application of Bancontact in your webshop. We have developed so-called webshop plugins for various systems. This allows you to link our payment methods, including Bancontact, to your webshop in an instant. We offer several plugins to make the installation as easy as possible. Examples of our plugins include Magento, Opencart and Prestashop. You can use one of our handy API's if you would like to link Bancontact to your webshop manually.

Mobile payment via the Bancontact app

In addition to paying with the well-known QR code, it is now also possible to pay directly with your Bancontact app. After confirming the purchase, your customer can use the app to pay in a few simple steps without having to enter any card data.

The advantages of Bancontact at a glance
  • Easy to request for your webshop
  • No risk, payments are 100% guaranteed
  • A reliable Belgian payment method with 15 million cardholders
  • Supports payments via the Bancontact app since December 2017
  • Both for the B2B and B2C market
  • Immediately visible in your statistics
  • Easy integration via PAY.
  • Available from the Pioneer package

Bancontact availability

xs Pioneer Full service
xs Professional Full service
xs Business Full service
xs Corporate Full service


Bancontact is used in Belgium
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