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User-friendly (open source) webshop system with a wide choice of functionalities: Zencart

ZenCart is known as a user-friendly open-source webshop system. This e-commerce solution is characterized by the wide choice of functionalities. With the diverse template offering, you can choose a layout that suits you best.

ZenCart is for everyone

The ZenCart webshop system has over 3.500 registered users and offers you various functionalities to complete your webshop. Examples of ZenCart features are product reviews and product-level quantity discounts. You can also give your webshop a different look and feel with just a few clicks.

Download the ZenCart plugin for free

Do you want to use PAY.'s payment services within your ZenCart webshop? You can do so with the help of our plugin. You can download the free plugin from the 'support' - 'files' tab in the Admin Panel. If you don’t have a PAY. account, you can create one for free and start receiving transactions via our popular payment methods.

Choose your version

Our plugin supports the following version of ZenCart:

  • 1.3.9+

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