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The all-in-one solution for your webshop including hosting, continuous innovations and support, for a fixed monthly fee: CCV Shop

CCV Shop is the all-in-one solution for both beginners and experienced online retailers. CCV offers a total package (including hosting, updates, and support) for which you pay a monthly fee. This plugin solution takes care of all technical matters so that merchants can fully focus on selling their products or services.

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When using the CCV Shop software, the PAY. payment methods are fully integrated in your webshop. Examples of such payment methods are pay later, gift cards or payments via iDEAL. Fully integrated payment methods enable a simple and easy check-out for your customers and you can easily manage payments in the back office of your webshop.

The CCV Shop app and PAY.

Installing the PAY. app in your webshop is easy and quick. After installing the app, you can choose which payment methods you want to activate (e.g. iDEAL, Bancontact or AfterPay). After you have chosen your preferred payment methods, your customers will instantly be able to use the payment methods! Please view the manual or the instruction video below to see how to install the PAY. app in your webshop.

CCV shop manual

An overview of the advantages

Make a choice between two packages

With CCV Shop you can choose between two packages: Package M (€ 24.95 per month, for 50 products) and Package L (€ 44.95 per month, for 15.000 products). All packages can be canceled monthly, so you are not bound to anything. Naturally, your entire webshop runs in the cloud and we provide you with automatic updates. You don’t need to worry about the technology and you always have access to your webshop and data.

App Store

CCV Shop has its own App Store that contains numerous apps that can be linked to your webshop. The apps are either developed by third parties or by CCV Shop. You can decide which integrations are interesting and which integrations you would like to link to your webshop. There are also various links with shipping systems, wholesalers and accounting programs as well as comparison and assessment websites, social media integrations and SEO tools.

Premium services

CCV Shop offers personal support to increase online success. Premium Services help everyone to deepen and expand e-commerce activities. With the StartNu package, CCV Shop helps you to set up and style your webshop. Are you ready to add a personal design to your webshop in order to create a unique customer experience? Then choosing a Custom Design is the answer! CCV Shop is always happy to provide you with an in-house expert and tailor-made support when you make use of the consultancy package. CCV Shop can also offer you insight into areas for improvement in the field of SEO, design, settings and marketing. Take advantage of these extra services, you can activate them whenever you might find it necessary.


We like to see that our customers are successful. From a technical point of view, we make sure that you have all payment options to do business without having to worry. However, there is more to conducting online business than might seem at first glance. That’s why we offer beginning retailers the opportunity to attend online classes where you learn everything about setting up a webshop. Do you already have sufficient experience? We also offer classes to more experienced retailers to further expand the online success of their webshop.

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