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Pay later with AfterPay

With AfterPay in your webshop, your customers buy first and pay later. Making a payment with this payment method is very similar to the old giro collection form. You only have a payment guarantee while AfterPay takes over the entire invoice process. You therefor run no risk of not receiving your money after sending the product(s) to your customer(s). This is the main reason a growing number of online entrepreneurs choose AfterPay as online payment method in their webshop!

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AfterPay in your webshop

Would you also like to offer AfterPay, as one of our payment methods, in your webshop, but you don’t have a connection yet? Please contact the payment service first as you need a contract to be able to use this payment method. After signing the contract, you will receive your connection data that needs to be added to your webshop via the PAY. Admin Panel. The only thing left to do after this step is installing the plugin. Your customers can then start using AfterPay without any problems!

How does AfterPay work?

To make a payment, the consumer must have an AfterPay account. Based on various checks, the pay later payment method checks whether the consumer can and may pay.

Unlike iDEAL, AfterPay payments are collected for you. The role of PAY. in the payment process concerns the technical handling of these transactions and good communication between your webshop, your back office and AfterPay. To map out this entire payment process, we will show you how the payment process works step by step:

  1. The consumer places an order in your webshop. He then chooses AfterPay as payment method and logs in to the payment service.
  2. AfterPay takes care of the identification process and the additional checks. This is done on the basis of various data sources. If the check is negative, the consumer will be redirected to the payment page of your webshop. After this, he is still able to pay via one of the other payment methods.
  3. Is the check positive? Then the payment process is completed. From this step on, PAY. makes sure you know whether the payment process has been successful so that you can ship the products.
  4. You release the final invoice of the order to AfterPay; they charge the principal sum to the consumer. The standard payment term for this payment method is 10 days after receipt of the giro collection form. Making a payment with the giro collection form can be done the 'old-fashioned' way, but also online (by automatic or by a one-time direct debit).
  5. AfterPay pays out the credits to you. The fee charged by the payment service is automatically deducted from the total amount. The processing costs are invoiced by PAY. to you.
Payment with payment method AfterPay
The advantages of AfterPay at a glance
  • Extremely popular amongst online shoppers
  • Known and has a wide reach
  • Stimulates purchasing behaviour
  • No risk for your webshop
  • The complete invoicing will be taken care of for you
  • After approval you can ship the order immediately
  • Easy integration via PAY.
  • Available from the Pioneer package

AfterPay availability

xs Pioneer Full service
xs Professional Full service
xs Business Full service
xs Corporate Full service


Paying later via AfterPay is available in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria.
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