Direct Debit

Periodic or one-off direct debit

Pay with direct debit in your webshop

With direct debit as a payment method, amounts are directly debited from your customer's bank account. Via PAY. you can quickly, easily and with low transaction costs collect both continuous and one-off direct debit payments in your webshop via SEPA.

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What is SEPA direct debit?

SEPA direct debit is a European direct debit system that allows you to collect euro payments from 34 SEPA countries and associated territories. With this payment method you can easily collect recurring payments, this is also possible with a pre-agreed amount. This makes direct debit payments also very suitable for donations, subscriptions, contributions and instalments.

Variants of SEPA direct debit
You have different direct debit variants that you can offer in your webshop:

  • General revolving and direct debit: intended for subscriptions, contribution
  • One-off and direct debit mandate: a one-time direct debit payment
  • Continuous collection for companies: for business payments (i.e. rent)
  • Continuous collection for chance games: specifically for online games
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How does direct debit work?

With a payment via direct debit you can easily collect recurring payments from your customers. For this you need an official authorization from your customer and a signed mandate that gives permission to collect amounts from your customer's bank account. When the mandate is signed, payments can be collected.

Automatic direct debit refund
Just like our other payment methods, SEPA direct debit is easy to offer and integrate in your webshop. When you offer this payment method, keep in mind that your customer can reverse a transaction with direct debit via the bank by means of a reversal booking. The consumer can always cancel a transaction with or without a written signature. This is possible 56 calendar days after the transaction. In addition to a reversal booking, the Notification of Incorrect Incasso (also known as MOI) is another risk of the direct debit payment method. Click here to read more about MOI, refunds via direct debit, any costs and how to request this payment method for your webshop.

The advantages of SEPA direct debit
  • Low transaction costs
  • Easy to integrate and use
  • Create direct debit via an API or manually via the Admin Panel
  • Not dependent on the customer when collecting payment
  • Collection possible from all SEPA supporting accounts

SEPA direct debit availability

xs Pioneer Not available
xs Professional Full service
xs Business Full service
xs Corporate Full service


EU countries supplemented with Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Monaco
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