Receive your first payment within fifteen minutes

GET TO WORK QUICKLY strives to give its clients a safe, easy and hassle-free way to pay online. We offer an easy-to-understand payment system, affordable payment options, plenty of choice and simple forms to take care of everything quickly, so you can spend your precious time on your web shop or website.

Receive your first payment within fifteen minutes

Did you know that you can immediately begin receiving payments after filling out the registration form? Because you can submit the necessary documentation at a later time, you do not have to wait two weeks for the paperwork to be done before getting started.

Complete the steps below to start using as soon as possible.


Getting started wants to think along with you. Because it can be difficult to estimate the number of transactions you will receive per month when you have only just launched your web shop or website, we generally advise our clients to start out with the free Pioneer package. The name of the package says it all: you can explore the various options offers at your leisure, without any fixed or monthly costs. Once your web shop or website begins to grow, it might be time to upgrade your package. We will monitor the growth rate of your transaction volume and let you know when a different package would be more suitable for your business.

Easy registration

You can register for on your own. Creating an account is easy: simply enter your company name and complete the other fields on the registration form. Once you hit the register button, you will become a Merchant. Immediately after completing the registration, you will receive an email that contains:

  • The (one-page) Agreement
  • The Clearing form (to let us know how we can pay out your account balance). Note that you do not have to submit this form if you use the free Pioneer package.


You can begin receiving payments after completing these first two steps!

Completing your registration

The Admin Panel automatically adds your information to the forms to save you some time. All you have to do is print the forms, sign them and upload them to our system. If you cannot upload them, you may also submit them via email, fax or regular mail.

We will send you our General Terms and Conditions and an overview of our rates along with the confirmation of your registration. It is advisable to save these documents in your administration. We provide payment services and make sure that our services are not used to commit fraud, fund terrorism or launder money. It is important that your revenue is in safe hands with us. That is why we ask all our clients to upload the following documents to our system:

  • An extract from the COC registry (no older than six months)
  • A copy of a bank account statement (to prove that the business is the account holder)
  • A copy/scan of a valid ID (a passport or both sides of your ID card (on the same A4 page))

Add services immediately

After quickly completing the paperwork, it is time to get to work in earnest. You can add your first service via the Admin Panel. A service includes, among other things, the name and URL of your web shop, website or app and the payment methods you want to offer. Note that we have already generated a service for you as part of the registration process, based on the website URL you entered. This service offers the iDEAL, bank transfer, Bancontact and Giropay payment methods, among others.

We will quickly verify your information and activate the agreement. In most cases, this process will be done within an hour after uploading your documents. In the meantime, you can begin exploring the many possibilities that offers. Once you found the payment options you were looking for, you can easily activate them and allow your customers (the end users) to start making secure online payments.

Easy monitoring with detailed statistics

The in-depth statistics available via the Admin Panel give you insight into all your payment traffic. All communication between and your own system is recorded in a log file that you can access in real time. We recommend regularly visiting the Admin Panel to monitor the growth of your web shop or website. If you want any additional information, feel free to contact us.

Receive your money whenever you want automatically transfers your revenue to your account. This is known as “clearing.” We can do so on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Your revenue will be safely held by the Foundation until we clear it to your bank account. If you should need your revenue sooner for some reason, you can ask us to make a manual transfer. Do so before midnight and we will transfer your monies the very next morning.


That was a brief overview of everything has to offer. Once you start using our platform, you will quickly discover that it is indeed a hassle-free way to access a wide range of affordable payment methods.

The next step is to optimise your web shop or website. The next step is to optimise your web shop or website.’s team is at your service during this stage as well, e.g. by granting you insight into the traffic generated via various online advertisements (tool and information). Perhaps you want to expand your target audience(s) or sales market(s) and are looking for the right payment solutions to go with it. Whatever you need,’s team is there for you.

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