Recurring payments

Repeated payments via creditcard and direct debit

Recurring payments

If you offer memberships, subscriptions or other recurring payments on your website, there are various options to collect these amounts. One option is direct debit, also known as recurring SEPA direct debit. The convenience, simplicity and low cost are examples of the advantages of direct debit payments.

How does it work?

You can make recurring payment in three ways: you can manually add a direct debit transaction via our Admin Panel, via a batch file or via our API Transaction:createDirectDebit. With the last option you can, for example, enter a recurring SEPA direct debit directly from your checkout.


Not entirely without risk

A consumer always has the right to refund a SEPA direct debit. This can be done in two ways:

  • Reversal booking: This can be done up to 56 calendar days after the transaction, with or without a written signature.
  • An MOI: This is possible up to 13 months after the transaction. An MOI report can only be declared valid if there is no written signature of the account holder.

Recurring payments are available from the Professional package.


You do not pay any additional costs for using recurring SEPA direct debit and recurring credit card payments. The costs per transaction depend on the package and the payment method that you use.

Read more about our packages or register directly.

xs Pioneer Not available
xs Professional Available
xs Business Available
xs Corporate Available

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