iDEAL back-up plan

Alternative options during online malfunctions

iDeal back-up plan

Online payment systems must function correctly. They are an essential part of the e-commerce sector. When these systems encounter malfunctions, banks can be put under a lot of pressure. This also applies to their level or reliability. Indirectly such malfunctions also impact iDEAL. We have seen that in 42% of the cases orders that have been placed during a malfunction are hardly ever completed at a later moment. That’s a massive waste of missed turnover!

With PAY.’s latest feature, you are no longer dependent on these payment systems. With the iDEAL back-up plan you will no longer miss conversion even if iDEAL or any of the affiliated banks are experiencing a malfunction.

How does it work?

When a bank has a success rate that is lower than 25%, we assume that it is not or insufficiently available. That’s when the iDEAL back-up plan comes into action.

The payment page of one of the bank that are affiliated with iDEAL will be automatically be replaced with a PAY. information page. The page gives customers three options to choose from:

  1. Pay afterwards with an invoice (via Billink)
    Before the information screen is shown, Billink verifies whether your customer passes the acceptance check and whether the purchased goods can and may be paid. Only if this is the case, the choice 'pay afterwards with an invoice' is displayed.
  2. 2. Save your order & e-mail the payment link (PayItLater)
    This e-mail will be sent automatically as soon as the customer's bank and its payment systems are available again. The customer can then complete the payment with only one click on the button.
  3. Choose another payment option
    Your customer will be redirected to the webshop to choose another payment method as offered in your webshop.

As a merchant, you can determine which option you want to display as an alternative payment method. You can do this in your Admin Panel.



Do you want to use the iDEAL back-up plan? You need to activate this option via the Admin Panel (Link: 'Change package options' on the Merchant / Company tab).


You decide which of the three alternative payment options you want to display on the information screen. You can indicate this when navigating to the iDEAL payment method in your Admin Panel.


iDEAL back-up plan is a standard feature in every package.


No extra fee is charged for the use of the iDEAL back-up plan.

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