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Your data, your turnover, your company!

Your data is safe with PAY. Our hardware (secure servers) is well-managed. But what is safe hardware worth without properly secured software?

Thanks to our 2-factor (double) verification access methods, you are assured that your turnover is managed securely and that your customer’s data will not be exposed. On this page, you will read more about our authentication options.


There are multiple possibilities to securely log in to our Admin Panel:

  • Validation with an e-mail address and password
  • Access only from the IP-addresses you set
  • Access with 2-factor authentication via SMS (you will receive an access code via SMS)
  • Access from IP-addresses set by you, otherwise via 2-factor authentication via SMS
  • Access with 2-factor authentication via Google Authenticator
  • Access from IP-addresses set by you, otherwise via 2-factor Google Authenticator

How does Google Authenticator work?

Every user of our system has been able to additionally secure their account since 2014 while using Two Factor Authentication. This second authentication method performs verification by sending a free SMS to your mobile phone number when you try to log in. More than 100.000 SMS messages have been sent to PAY. users. As of today, ''Google Authenticator'' has been added as a Two Factor Authentication method. You can easily set whether you would like to use this authentication method or not.


The Google Authenticator feature is a standard feature in every package.


No extra fee is charged for the use of the Google Authenticator feature.

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