Making a contribution to the world of tomorrow

Sustainability as second nature

To us, the central role of sustainability within our organisation is as natural as processing online payments. 
PAY. cares about the world of tomorrow, so when it comes to Corporate Social Responsibility, we make conscious choices. We are aware that making our business operations more sustainable will help us to reduce our carbon footprint. This is particularly true for our day-to-day processes, where there is still a lot to be gained. PAY. has therefore implemented various measures aimed at maximising sustainability throughout the organisation.


Solar panels

The 150 solar panels on the roof of our office building enable us to utilise every single ray of sunlight to generate our own solar energy and reduce our organisation’s environmental impact. The 150 solar panels generate around 25,000 watts, which is enough to supply power to all of our locations (two offices and two data centres).


In addition to generating our own energy, we are also mindful of how we use electricity. We have adapted our lighting to keep energy consumption to a minimum. All our traditional bulbs have been replaced by LED and low-energy bulbs and we have divided the lighting into segments so that not all lights turn on at once. This ensures we use only the lights that are strictly necessary.

Green fuel

As we cover considerable distances every day and want to do so responsibly, we have opted for cars that run on green gas. This biofuel is the sustainable version of natural gas, and is produced in an environmentally friendly manner. Driving on green gas produces 80% less CO2 than driving on petrol.

Use of paper

Efficient choices in automation have enabled us to reduce the amount of paper we use. We conduct as much of our business as possible digitally, for everything from administration to invoicing. We also pay attention to the amount of paper our merchants use. All the information needed for a PAY. registration can be submitted online, for example, so there is no need to print anything.

All these measures help us protect the world of tomorrow. In collaboration with the province of Overijssel, we have been able to make our organisation more sustainable and greatly reduce our carbon footprint. At PAY., safeguarding a sustainable world is second nature to us.


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