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Join forces with PAY. - Alliance Partnership

PAY. is always looking for new opportunities. As a leading Payment Service Provider, we believe that joining forces by forming alliances offers endless opportunities. One example of a powerful Alliance Partnership is the collaboration between PAY. and Tommy Booking Support.

This alliance unites the best of two worlds.

PAY. has a wide range of Alliance Partners including reservation platforms, software companies, invoicing platforms and food delivery systems, where PAY.’s payment system and technology is fully integrated into the Alliance Partner’s platform.



Why become an Alliance Partner?

  • All communication takes place through the Alliance Partner. This means that your customers have a single point of contact for both commercial and technical requests.
  • Your customers receive one invoice for all of the costs relating to the use of the platform, including the payment functionality.
  • As the software/platform vendor, you remain the sole creditor for your customers.
  • The API technology is both flexible and multifunctional!


Which parties can enter into an Alliance Partnership with PAY.?

  • Donation websites (that receive payments for multiple charities).
  • Invoicing platforms and debtor management systems.
  • Product comparison websites (or apps) and marketplaces that receive payments for many providers.
  • Franchise chains (for example, the franchise fee can be directly deducted from the turnover).
  • Food delivery websites with multiple restaurants.
  • Ticketing platforms with various event organisers, such as theatres, museums, festivals and music venues.
  • Reservation systems in the broadest sense for holiday parks, gyms etc.

The Alliance Partnership gives your customer direct access to a broad range of payment solutions and PAY. features, all under one agreement. As an Alliance Partner, all you need to do is perform a single technical integration with our platform. Invoiced subscription, platform, marketing and transaction costs can be settled with the Merchant's balance, while PAY. provides streamlined payments and innovation payment solutions.

One less worry: PSD2-proof for platforms

Trading platforms are integral to the new online economy because of the way they unite supply and demand. It’s quite common for a trading platform to opt for processing the cash flows itself so that it can cream off the commission and margins from the incoming funds before paying out the revenue to sellers. While this is a way of covering the default risk, it also creates a financial risk in the event that the platform goes bankrupt.

With the advent of the PSD2 (Payment Service Directive version 2 – officially in force across Europe since 14 September 2019), the rules have been tightened up. In order for trading platforms to be allowed to perform payment services, they must apply for an exemption or even a licence from De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). When it comes to licences, regulatory costs apply in accordance with the Financial Supervision (Funding) Act (Wbft). Organisational adjustments are also required, such as establishing a KYC procedure to comply with the Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing (Prevention) Act (Wwft) and lining up employees to test these procedures.

PAY. Alliance Partners don’t need to worry about this. PAY. relieves you completely of this task so that you can focus on the development and growth of your platform and the addition of new submerchants. You’ll not only save on regulatory costs, but the whole KYC onboarding process will be taken care of for you, thus eliminating the need for setting up a whole new compliance department. PAY. ensures that every submerchant is screened and that payment flows are set up in a compliant manner, so that your whole platform is PSD2-proof. In addition, the PAY. Alliance Partnership facilitates the settlement of the transaction costs (and any other costs for items such as PIN terminals) with the Alliance Partner. This means that your platform can easily settle these costs and the commissions with the submerchant’s balance. And finally, linking payment options via PAY. with the submerchant’s ecosystem is quick and easy, giving you peace of mind as you go about your business.


The Alliance Partnership is part of the services provided by PAY. In 2013, PAY. obtained a licence from De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB). PAY. is also Level 1 PCI DSS certified and possesses the ISAE TYPE II report. This means that PAY. satisfies all of the legal requirements for a properly functioning payment institution with respect to security and other standards.

The benefits of an Alliance Partnership with PAY.:

  • Integration is simple via SDK or API
  • The API can be used in different areas and for different purposes, making it an ideal custom solution
  • No need to obtain your own licence
  • Savings on Risk & Compliance costs
  • Payment experts directly available
  • All payment options available without licence fees
  • Simplifies your own administration
  • Less default risk
  • Ready for the future!

How it works: invoicing

The Merchant receives their own PAY. account through the Alliance Partner, on which all payments are received. These gross payments are transferred to the bank account on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. A clearly laid out PDF, CSV or MT940 file can be downloaded or retrieved via the Sync module to balance the accounts.

The costs for using the system and PAY.’s payment options, as well as the Alliance Partner’s service costs, are directly invoiced to the submerchant by the Alliance Partner. If desired, the invoice can be automatically settled against the Merchant’s balance using PAY.’s Alliance technology, eliminating the need for separate invoices or collection orders. As a PAY. Alliance Partner, you enjoy both a reduced debtor risk and an increased working capital!


For more information, please contact Joost Janssens (Head of Alliance Partnerships) by sending an e-mail to

A few of our successful Alliance partners

Examples of Submerchants

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